Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

Deb's & Ian's 80s themed party with Cambridgeshire Disco and the Retro RoadshowYet another fun night out with the Retro Roadshow

This time for Deb’s and Ian’s joint 50th birthday parties (OK the birthdays are actually about 6 months apart but what does that matter?).

The venue, St Neots rugby club…a lovely little venue on the outskirts of St Neots (as the name would suggest), which allows just about every effect I can offer….what’s not to like?

So back to the party… was hot….VERY HOT whilst I was setting up. England had just gone through to the semi finals of the World Cup. I was nervous that the party wasn’t going to go with the usual bang.

I needn’t have worried

The venue looked fantastic with various 80s memorabilia around the room and posters of Deb and Ian at various stages of their lives, the guests were AWESOME with their fancy dress costumes (there was a group of Smurfs there covered from head to toe in blue grease-paint….they must have itched from here to eternity!!). The amount of polyester and PVC in the room was quite literally shocking!

The music?

As an 80s themed night it was all naturally from 1980 to 1989 (OK…I slipped a couple of ringers in from the 70s and 90s at the request of the guests). Despite the heat in the room…the dance floor NEVER emptied….I was a very happy DJ 🙂



In short – this was a BRILLIANT party, and the sort of party I like to entertain at!

Yes, the equipment is hot and heavy (setting up and tearing down for this one burned in excess of 1,000 calories!).  BUT… to see the happy faces of the guests enjoying every moment of the party is what I live for…and believe me, I was richly rewarded on that score for this party!


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