Patsy’s 70th with the Retro Roadshow

Patsy's 70sth birthday party with the Retro Roadshow
Tonight was another trip out for the Retro Roadshow setup, this time for Patsy’s 70th birthday bash.

The venue was my local village hall, somewhere I’ve worked on many occasions as you’d probably expect, so I knew I was going to have no problem fitting the entire 16 feet of light-screens onto the stage with space to spare.

The only downside….it’s been another stupidly hot day and that affects the amount of dancing, especially in venues where there’s limited air-flow and no air conditioning.

The brief for the evening was simple….play music from the Rock ‘n’ Roll era through to the 70s. What’s not to like about that?

Turnout was around half of what was expected unfortunately so the venue was never going to seem full. However, once the buffet was out of the way, the dancing got started and even dabbled into the 80s. 

A good night all round, slightly marred by the heat but we got there in the end.

Happy birthday Patsy.



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