OK, starting to feel “partied out” now. The second week in December is ALWAYS the hardest one as it’s when the vast majority of Christmas parties happen. I’ve been working every night for the last six nights and still have one to go on Sunday.

So since the last party….Thursday night was my local primary school Xmas party. Lots of fun and LOTS of dancing (the kids in KS2 really know how to party!).

Friday night saw me at Jesus College in Cambridge for a local Biotec company’s Christmas bash. A really nice venue to work in, even if it’s a bit awkward to actually get the equipment in and out of (literally pull a trolley full of heavy gear across a rugby pitch!).

In the event, it was actually the shortest of the Christmas parties I’ve done this year. As usually happens with college dinners, the eating part overruns somewhat and by the time the guests had made it to the room I was based in, we had just over an hour of party time.

It was good party time though….with the vast majority of the music coming from my favourite eras of the 70s and 80s.

So, just the one party left to for 2017, and then it’s time for a good long rest