Two weeks after Derinda’s party at The Beeches in Isleham, last weekend saw me back there to help Natalie and Paul to celebrate their wedding day.

For me, this was a wedding reception with a difference though and I’ve been looking forward to it for a very long time.


Paul used to be a DJ. This normally sends a bit of a shudder up the spine of a working DJ (because as we DJs all know, we never actually take a night off). Paul was a DJ in the 90s when the Retro Roadshow was the only type of equipment mobile DJs used, regardless of the occasion.

In those days, things like setting specific colours and patterns for the first dance weren’t possible. The lights (in just four colours) would flash on and off to the beat of the music. It was much less sophisticated back then.

But, Natalie and Paul decided that this was exactly what they wanted for their wedding reception, and I’m not one to argue. The Retro Roadshow was to do it’s first wedding in around 22 years!

It was a warm day, and even warmer in the hall. The full retro setup as used for the wedding is 16 feet in length and consumes just under 2.5kw of power. That’s a 2 bar electric heater I’m standing behind in an already warm hall.

I enjoyed every single moment of it!

The usual fear with wedding receptions in hot halls is that the guests will spend the evening outside drinking. That certainly wasn’t the case with this particular wedding.

Lots of dancing, lots of requests for some old favourites, and a really good time from the first dance to the “circle of love” at the end of the evening.

So….all the best for a long and happy future Mr & Mrs Whiterod. From my side of the light-screens it was a real pleasure to entertain you and your guests like we used to back in the good old days of mobile discos!