A milestone birthday such as a 60th is always a special occasion. 

When the partner of the birthday girl has a surprise up her sleeve for the big night and needs me to help to make it even more memorable though – I’m always ready for the challenge!

The theme for Wendy’s big night – female Rock & Roll artistes. From where I stand behind the booth, this was always going to be a good night. Rock & Roll is one of my favourite genres and with the right crowd ALWAYS means a full dance floor.

I love watching guests getting involved with the proper Jive moves…it’s brilliant!

Back to the plot though….as with most milestone birthdays there was to be a cake cutting. This is nothing unusual and it’s always nice to stage this with the guests singing etc.

On this occasion though, I’d been contacted by Wendy’s partner a couple of days before the event with a special request. She’d got some voice recordings with birthday wishes from guests who couldn’t be there on the night.

A nice idea, but it can present problems. Firstly, I can’t play from things like phones and USB sticks…my equipment and security procedures don’t allow for that (unfortunately there’s too much chance of malicious code getting onto my play-out laptops and causing thousands of pounds of damage).

So, between us we arranged for the voice clips to be uploaded to an online storage facility I use. From there, I was able to EQ the clips to sound right on the disco PA (the difference between listening to this sort of thing on a mobile phone or laptop compared to 1000w of disco PA is enormous and even the slightest bit of interference in the recording is amplified). We’re ready to roll.

So, cake cutting time comes around and Wendy’s partner takes a microphone to “introduce” each of the missing guests whilst I cued and played them in a pre-arranged order.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room – the effect was brilliant and I’m sure Wendy will remember it for a long time to come.

It’s always a real pleasure and indeed honour, to be a part of celebrations which incorporate something personal and unique to the party, and this one was no exception. It’s what I pride myself in being able to do and as far as I’m concerned is very much part of the service I offer to each and every customer that hires me!

If you’d like something special and unique for your party, why not get in touch and let’s start planning your event today